Edge-to-edge protection against scratches, graffiti, and the sun.


Vandalism and sun damage can cost thousands in replacement lenses, new graphics and lost pump sales. 

With DISPENSER SHIELD®, damage is quickly peeled away, leaving the underlying surface unharmed and looking like new.  No service calls or costly parts replacement necessary.


touchscreen friendly + pre-cut for a perfect fit

Acting as a sacrificial barrier, DISPENSER SHIELD® is hard-coated for superior abrasion and UV resistance. 

Each shield is optically clear and has a unique adhesive backing that creates a secure, long-lasting bond with the protected surface without any residue left behind upon removal.  Ready-to-go kits are available for gas pumps, card readers, and point-of-sale display screens, and custom shields are available for most flat, non-porous surfaces. 

Whether you’re protecting new equipment, keeping Weights & Measures happy, or just striving for that elusive 100% image score during inspections, DISPENSER SHIELD® has you covered.

Lenses & Graphics

Main Display
Sales / Gallon Display
Monochrome CRIND
VeriFone SPP Card Reader
PPU Display
Graphics / Decals / Softkeys


Arco PIC / PayQuick
Gilbarco Applause TV Media
Wayne inOvationTV
VeriFone Paymedia
Gas Station TV / GSTV
Pump Toppers

Point of Sale

ATM Machines
Countertop Card Readers
Gilbarco Passport
Impulse POS
Security Glass


Car Wash Touchscreens
Gas Pump Doors
Breakaway Abrasion
Glass Windows / Doors
...or other surfaces!

Less maintenance means more growing for your business.

Save Thousands in Maintenance Costs

Shields can be installed easily by on-site attendants.  Unlike lens replacement, which requires the removal of bezel doors and graphics, DISPENSER SHIELD® is applied to the outer, visible display surface only, keeping the surrounding area and internal parts intact.

Increase Pump Sales

Installation is performed faster than the time it takes a customer to fill up their tank, keeping the flow of lane traffic free from interruption and maximizing potential sales at the pump.

Maximize Forecourt Advertising

Engage customers at the pump while protecting your digital marketing investment.  Drive more traffic to your c-store by keeping TV screens and promotional graphics free from distracting vandalism.

Attract More Customers

DISPENSER SHIELD® gives you the freedom to remove graffiti right away, making it easier to maintain a welcoming setting for customers while actively discouraging repeat vandalism.

Studies show that removal within 48 hours results in a nearly zero rate of recurrence.   - Bureau of Justice Statistics

Studies show that removal within 48 hours results in a nearly zero rate of recurrence.

- Bureau of Justice Statistics

Vandalism doesn't just damage your pumps.
It hurts your store's reputation too.

Keep customers coming back with DISPENSER SHIELD® protective overlays.