4 Ways to Reduce C-Store & Gas Station Repair Costs

Thinking about becoming the owner of a convenience store or gas station?  Don't forget to protect your pumps.

Look familiar?  Vandalism carving and UV fading, cracking, and discoloration can be seen on fuel dispensers in almost any gas station.

As a local sign company, we've been providing custom pump graphics, ADA signage, and dispenser overlays for convenience and fuel retailers for over 28 years.  Today, c-store and gas station owners make up over 20% of our customers.  Over the years, we began asking our veteran customers why they so frequently needed to replace their product overlays and soda button decals.  Their answer?  Vandalism. 

We were surprised to learn that retailers are forced to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars each month in order to remove graffiti and replace their damaged LCD or glass display screens.  To top it off, it was typically only a matter of days before their newly repaired pumps were defaced once again.  When we first developed Dispenser Shield® protective overlays, we wanted to create a product that helps retailers maximize profit with minimal effort.  To do so, we  interviewed our customers to understand what issues in particular make vandalism so costly for their business.  Here's what they said:



The Problem: 
Service contracts are expensive.  While routine maintenance and the occasional equipment repair is unavoidable, vandalism is one of the most inconvenient sources of service calls in the industry.  Frequent and time-consuming, even service contractors resent vandal-related repairs as a waste of time and resources. 

Our Solution: 
Easy peel & stick application can be done by any on-site attendant within minutes, no service calls necessary.  Dispenser Shield® protective overlays also reduce the penetration of harmful UV rays by 98%, further extending the lifetime of your equipment and helping to prevent fading, discoloration, and cracked displays.


The Problem: 
In addition to the hourly/monthly cost of service repairs, the process of removing defaced equipment parts involves dismantling the entire fuel dispenser in order to remove and replace the glass or LCD surface underneath.  It's why our customers had to keep replacing their pump graphics as well.

Our Solution:  
Precision cut for each fuel dispenser display, Dispenser Shield® protective overlays can be economically replaced one at a time while leaving the underlying surface intact and undamaged.  As an added bonus, Dispenser Shield® is only a fraction of the cost of glass replacement, making your wallet feel more protected too.

No. 3:   DOWN TIME


The Problem: 
In today's economy, every dollar makes a difference.  The smaller your service station, the more devastating a decommissioned fuel dispenser can be.  Repairs and the purchase of replacement parts can take anywhere between a few hours to a few days, crippling the amount of potential customers your station is able to serve during that time and creating an unpleasant, congested environment.

Our  Solution:
Installation and removal can be performed faster than the time it takes a customer to fill up their tank, maximizing potential customer flow for c-store retailers, and increasing sales at the pump. 


CARVE_6 - Copy.jpg

The Problem: 
We've all driven past opposing gas stations and chosen the one that's more brightly lit with cleaner looking facilities.  Unsightly vandalism not only attracts further crime, but it discourages potential customers from visiting your station and more importantly, from shopping in your convenience store. 

Our Solution:
At less than $30 per dispenser, on-site staff can instantly remove any visible signs of graffiti, effortlessly creating an inviting setting that not only encourages customers to shop in your c-store, but also decreases recurring vandalism over time.

Studies show that removal of graffiti within 24 to 48 hours results in a nearly zero rate of recurrence.
— Bureau of Justice Statistics

Click here to request a sample today.

Click here to request a sample today.

We wanted to help retailers defend their businesses against vandalism without the hefty price tag that usually comes with it and we'd love for you to try it out yourself to determine how beneficial Dispenser Shield® would be for your new business.

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